A new milestone in the automotive industry - PC board

by:GWX     2020-08-27

with the rapid development of the PC board industry, polycarbonate, PC) Plate gradually replace the glass into the auto industry market. Using bayer raw materials of polycarbonate, cover the whole transparent board module technology development. As a new milestone in the development of automobile industry. In the automotive industry, transparent PC sheet to study the potential application of glass chain technology, and to evaluate the applicability of the technology for the production car. Main advantage of PC transparent plate is light weight, good pervious to light, insulation, impact resistance, environmental protection, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. PC transparent board a greater degree of freedom and functional integration has the advantages of simple design.

in a transparent board module, coatings, adhesives, and the thermal expansion behavior of the noise, there is a new space. To further promote the innovation in plastic shed installation. Polycarbonate plate area is in the structure of carport, another milestone in the development of products and technologies. It is reported, panoramic sunroof and smart Fortwo cars of mercedes-benz GL panoramic roof has been put into mass production. Both models with bayer materials science and technology of cloning materials series. Believe that polycarbonate plate will be more and more widely applied in the automotive sector, there will be a wider platform.

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