Affect the price of the PC board to reason

by:GWX     2020-09-24
In general, many customers choose PC board in the market, like blindly choose low prices of sunshine board, and ignore the other key decision sunshine board price. Of course at the time of purchasing the sunshine board, the price is a customer ask most, is also the most concern, a lot of customers in the distribution or on the Internet to find the lowest price in the market. Competitive circumstances, the businessman for success 'price war', in the plate production of raw materials, quality, thickness, etc, checkers, and the price come down at once, and of course the sun plate quality will be affected.

under normal circumstances, the PC sunshine plate prices are usually based on the thickness, color, quality, weight, to offer, the standard of sunshine board thickness is 4 mm and 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm, the thickness of various prices vary, and some rare color also can affect the price, such as: orange, red and so on.

some sunshine board can reduce prices, there are several aspects. The first sheet means lower raw material quality, can use domestic material back to production or reworked material instead of the polycarbonate. The second is to reduce weight, weight is the key to the expert evaluation standards, such as 8 mm sunshine board standard g is 1 per square metre. 5 kg, some bad sunshine board manufacturer at the time of production will be reduced to 1 gram. 3 kg, even lower. Thus, due to the quality or weight is reduced, led to the plate in the later use can't bear the load of the standard, excessive aging and a series of problems. The third is to reduce thickness, this is the most common, reduce the thickness is the most common domestic market to reduce the cost, it solved the cost factors, the most severe irregular thickness is in commonly 3. 2mm、5. 6毫米,7。 2 mm, 9 mm and so on.

PC board sunshine board market product quality is uneven, the sham as the genuine and more. So, when choosing sunshine board, not blindly to bargain, any a responsible manufacturer, will not put their own brand price decline is very large.
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