Bus stations awning special PC board

by:GWX     2020-08-27

guangdong province meteorological bureau issued forecast, 29 to April 3, have sustained obvious precipitation, accompanied by a magnitude 8 or more thunderstorm winds, hail and strong convective weather, the pearl river delta will have rain for 5 days. For citizens have to go out during the period of this inconvenient, the rain is very big, walking in the street is a good bus station awnings, is a dedicated 3 Qian Yifang MMPC board price? , let people have a shelter, the shelter from the rain, the rain and sun protection and bus station kiosks, seat. If in rainy days waiting for the bus before, only hiding in the nearby shops, first to bus stops to get out. Now with this bus station kiosk can shading shelter, provides citizens with a convenient environment for waiting.

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