Cannot be ignored, inferior PC board four great harm!

by:GWX     2020-08-26

PC board industry after nearly 20 years rapid development, from the beginning of the light material, and has been widely used in building, greenhouses, advertising, transportation and other industries. Due to insufficient broad prospects, industry standards and regulation, the manufacturer of the sham as the genuine, quality is uneven, industry market is occupied by a low waste plate 80%, these products in less than 2 years yellow brittle, recognition, not only the huge economic losses to the user, and life-threatening, brings great harm to the society!

harm one: contain toxic and harmful substances, recycling waste, environmental protection sex difference

PC board USES recycled materials, inferior sex differences, have a harm to human body. PC board industry insider is unknown, more than 80% of the PC board made from recycled plastics. The source of the recycled plastics include: plastic bottle, drinking water barrel, PS board, PE board, the garbage, and so on.

plastic recycled, itself is good for the environment. But due to the low level of plastic recycling enterprise, most enterprises are still stays in the state of small workshops, there is no ability to what plastic is toxic, respectively, which cannot be recycled. A large number of full metal, toxic PVC.

some recycled materials under high temperature of floor heating can release a large number of unknown harmful gas, not only bad, also to the person's eyes and a strong role in respiratory tract mucous membrane, light person can cause, symptoms such as nausea, allergies, the person that weigh can cause a person's liver and nervous system damage, harm to human body health is very big.

harm 2: inferior plank poor resistance to impact, pressure, prone to accident

inferior PC board pressure resistance is poor, easy to cause surface subsidence, craze, appear to drop the above things, the situation of the above personnel.

for example: the new material in the production of hollow double sun plate 8 mm under normal conditions can impact standard is 10 kg iron ball free fall two meters don't break. New material in the production of double double plate and 10 mm, 8 mm can combat general hail impact. But if adding 8 mm double sunshine board back, breakdown of hail result will happen. New material in the production of the sunshine board due to the thermal insulation performance, on it is not easy to melt snow, under the condition of high snow load, back to the material production of sunshine board will be overwhelmed and fracture, a heavy fall injury situation

harm 3: bibulous rate is high, cause mould easily, can affect the health of personnel in the place of the body

inferior PC board bibulous rate is high, heat preservation effect is significantly lower. And easy cause mould.

the bibulous rate of PC board is an extremely important indicators. PC board is not bibulous. Inferior PC board contains many impurities, under the capillary action, the water will gradually infiltrated the plank.

moisture is the important condition of mould to breed. After absorbing water of porous material is the suitable place for mould to breed. Mold is harmful to health, will accelerate the degradation of PC board. Affect the service life of the PC board.

moisture content are important factors affecting the effects of PC board insulation, moisture content of each rose 1%, adiabatic effect by about 10%. Harm

4: inferior plank energy saving effect is poor, economic operating costs high

inferior PC board insulation effect is poor, late directly led to the rising cost of heating system.

to measure insulation adiabatic effect is the main index of the coefficient of thermal conductivity. The lower coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal insulation effect is better. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials is 0. 026. And inferior material coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0. 040 and will rise with bibulous rate rise.

this parameter will directly affect the energy saving effect of the heating system, directly affect the operating costs of heat supply system.

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