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Cautions for Cutting polycarbonate sheets

Cautions for Cutting polycarbonate sheets



PC sheet is usually used to cut by automatic machine or manual machine in the process of installation, but attention should be paid to fixing and clamping the PC board on the table (so as to avoid vibration of the board), and the protective film need not be removed first (so as to prevent cutting and scratching to the surface of the board).


The circular saw blade is usually used to cut the sheets, and the following points should be paid attention to:


1. When cutting, attention should be paid to the stamina plate not to be contaminated with chemical solvents, otherwise the plate will crack. If there is a corrosive substance on the board, it needs to be cleaned immediately with a soft cloth and alcohol.


2. Before cutting, stick to whether there is dust on the surface of sheet. If there is dust, clean it before cutting it.


3. Do not tear off the protective film when cutting. In this way, improper cutting can be avoided to scratch the surface of the plate.


4. After cutting, the sheets should not be placed in the place with acid, alkali and other liquids, and can not be exposed to sunlight, but should be stored in a ventilated and dark room.


Above is a brief introduction to the cutting of the endurance board. In fact, the cutting of Guoweixing endurance board seems simple, but there are many things. Guoweixing endurance board knitting reminds you once again to accurately grasp the size when cutting, and to pay attention to sawdust not adsorbed on the board.


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