Distinguish the stand or fall of PC sunshine board to the naked eye

by:GWX     2020-08-29

the sunshine board carport, sun canopy, sunlight greenhouses, etc. , the sunshine board is becoming more and more widely used in every aspect in people's lives, and more and more important role. On the one hand, also shows that more and more people will use the PC sunshine board, then teach you a few action how to discern the stand or fall of PC sunshine board to the naked eye:

first of all, good PC sunshine plate appearance and smooth, board face cut in good condition, and owe good PC sunshine plate appearance is rugged, some fault plane thickness is not the same.

second, with the hand to squeeze the PC sunshine board, check the thickness, poor light intensity.

always match the color difference, this demand have reference, to check the PC sunshine plate color is pure, it is also see a specification of the PC sunshine board. 3 it is to do it yourself, pick a PC sunshine board at appearance of protective film, watch the PC sunshine plate appearance whether there is a lot of bubbles, if contains bubbles, it shows that the PC sunshine board using less raw material, PC sunshine board quality is low. Conversely, criterion the PC sunshine board using the raw materials of good, quality also is relatively good.

the naked eye can distinguish the stand or fall of part of the PC sunshine board, and the function of PC sunshine board is differentiate not to come out, this will require a PC sunshine board manufacturer to produce a variety of functional testing, because of PC sunshine board using different raw materials, its function also is divided into several different levels, can be divided into high, medium and low three levels, PC sunshine board use fixed number of year is not the same. So consumers in the purchase PC sunshine board before thinking to understand, what is their needs, and then do choose.

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