Do you know how to clean PC endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-25
General use PC endurance plate, let us can see everywhere in our daily life, are widely used in gardens, recreational places gallery pavilion singular decoration and resting places; Commercial building inside and outside decoration and modern city building curtain wall; Transparent container, motorcycle front windshield, plane, train, ship, automobile, steamboat, submarine; A telephone booth, street signs, light boxes, display exhibition arrangement; Instruments, meters, high and low voltage switchgear panels and military industry, etc. ; Wall, roof, interior decoration materials such as screen; Expressways and urban highways noise barriers.

say so many PC endurance plate is widely used, in fact you know PC board needs to be regular cleaning, it can increase the service life of PC endurance plate, specific how to clean PC board are you understand? Let below small make up for you a simple introduction of PC endurance plate cleaning method.

PC board if the stains, etc. , should be timely cleaning. If you want to clean endurance plate, so be sure to do the following:

1, the water temperature in less than 60 ℃ warm water rinse.

2, neutral detergent when cleaning applications, if not use erosion of detergent, so can have damage to endurance plate.

3, should dip in with soft cloth or sponge in the process of cleaning the neutral liquid gently scrub. If you are using a coarse, brush, mop and so on is more hard and sharp tools for cleaning, then there will be a lot of damage of endurance plate.

4, when there is grease, wet paint on the surface, the situation such as tape imprinting available soft stationing alcohol scrub.

5, rinse thoroughly with water to clean the dirt.

6, after the clean water, use soft cloth to dry the plate surface, to prevent water pollution.

remind everybody in clean choose cleaners don't choose the alkaline solution, it will erode endurance plate; Disable esters, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbon, and all can make the polycarbonate dissolve or swelling of the material. Clean endurance plate can let your endurance plate more long service life, but the premise is you clean method to correct it.
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