Endurance plate auxiliary materials should comply with the requirements

by:GWX     2020-09-02
Used for all kinds of civil, industrial, public and trade PC board, the main use is interior decoration and lighting. In some areas, billboards, garden and so on, can be seen everywhere PC board. In the process of endurance plate installation, the choice of the auxiliary material application is required.

for example endurance plate sealing material of viscous material, such as sealant to sunshine board should have no damage; Manual installation, seal with a good tear resistance. Shape changes during construction, the need to drilling, cutting, empty plate sealing, blade, such as general wallpaper knife can cut the sunshine board, with a twist drill hole can be, but you should drill holes, step and then expanded to the required diameter.
the size of the hole away from the plate edge should be not less than 40 mm, all the hole diameter should be greater than the bolt diameter, heat bilges cold shrink to fit the board. D viscous material should be in the hot and cold temperature mutations and high temperature conditions can keep the viscosity for a long time. Sealed with good weather resistance, and long time not lose viscosity and mechanical strength.

board side seal shall be on the water, air and dust are deeply however. If if there is a bug in the PC board, dust, humidity, or other material, PC endurance during the construction of opening sealing process is important on both ends of the plate, determines the insulating plate of the beautiful sex, transparency, stays.

the daylighting of the endurance plate can be used in large garage, etc. , with the development of the material and progress, and also got to further expand the scope of its application. Today, with endurance plate balcony safe and transparent, the glass is more than security. Can also be made outside the window awnings, not only in solid, the key is also can have the effect of heat preservation of wind.
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