Endurance plate brittle is what reason is caused?

by:GWX     2020-09-02

we all know that endurance plate bending is very good, but we have encountered this kind of situation, is we just buy endurance plate with a bending fracture phenomenon as we all know that what reason be cause it? Today small make up to you to introduce this endurance plate brittle what factors influence.
endurance plate the reason of the brittle
1, if at the time that the manufacturing, raw materials, Polycarbonate) It is easy to dissolve, show that the temperature of the cylinder and the nozzle is too low, should be a moderate temperature raised.

2, can moderate reduce screw back pressure working pressure and the rotation speed ratio, slightly loose a little raw materials, and according to reduce endurance of PC board due to cutting overtemperature of dissolved.

3, if the mold temperature is too low, it will produce plastic water cooling condition too early, caused welded seam place is not very good, it is easy to cause crack condition, especially the application of high melting point plastic such as poly carbonate raw materials, such as more must be done.

4, due to the concave model core is sure to have a moderate slope of the mold. Core in the mold is relatively difficult at that time, we must carry out of die temperature, achieve the aim of reducing water cooling time, instead of die temperature must be reduced, and then do increase the aim of water cooling time.
endurance plate production raw material problems

1, at the time of endurance plate production, processing raw material recycle material is added to or with inappropriate, excessive amounts of solvents and other additives, which can lead to produce the endurance of plate, the phenomenon of the brittle

2, if the raw material of regeneration frequency or the reworked material content in the raw material is too high, also may make parts embrittlement.

3, the use of PC board material itself quality is bad, such as the distribution of molecular weight is too big, and the uneven structure too large in the number of components, it is easy to cause the finished product of embrittlement.

4, raw material can be received other plastic or is harmful additives doped pollution pollution and dust pollution of impurities, etc. , is also a major cause of brittle.
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