Endurance plate daylighting top with glass daylighting roof contrast

by:GWX     2020-09-01

PC board, the daylighting of the traditional top is made of glass, but the endurance plate daylighting top now more and more popular with the builders. The advantages of this change, mainly due to endurance plate, complementary the lack of glass daylighting.
so, do the glass with endurance material daylighting top what is the difference? Which one is better?
endurance plate daylighting top with the contrast of daylighting top
glass daylighting roof: fall off easily broken. Main reason:, fixed rust: used for fixed on the top of the light steel structures because of oxidation corrosion, lead to unstable mu fixed loss. , frame deformation: building subsidence, temperature change, itself quality and the use fixed number of year, etc are likely to cause deformation of framework, resulting in broken glass and even fall off. Holds lighting on the top of the silica gel, silica gel aging: will with the passage of time, fatigue, aging and even failure. , internal bubble: if glass daylighting roof there a bubble inclusions ( Such bubbles are barely visible) , after collecting sunlight, uneven heating effect, easy to burst.
but, endurance plate can better solve the above problem, complementary and flaws in the glass. Mainly reflects in: plate heat transfer, heat transfer, endurance is more lower than common glass and other plastic thermal conductivity ( K value) , so that greatly reduce heat loss, used to have a warm equipment construction, environmental protection material. , impact resistance, endurance plate is the best a thermoplastic in impact resistance, better endurance plate made of polycarbonate in quite a wide range of temperatures for a long time to maintain good shock resistance, there are 'no broken glass' and the 'ring of steel' laudatory name. , flame retardant, fire: fire endurance plate test by national fireproof construction material supervision center, according to gb - — Standard to flame retardant grade b. Plank itself high flash point, the combustion process does not produce poisonous gas, don't feed the fire spreading, self-extinguishing after away from the fire.
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