Endurance plate factory briefly PC board performance

by:GWX     2020-08-26

endurance plate manufacturers come to the conclusion that the performance of the PC board is as follows:

mechanical properties

1, the impact strength: PC endurance plate shock resistance, it is 80 times higher than the traditional glass, 30 times higher than acrylic. The impact strength of PC endurance plate is a 'transparent plate,' said.

2, good tensile strength, PC endurance plate heat resistance.

3, bending strength, excellent PC endurance plate bending, even if the bending strength of 90 °, is still not broken.

fatigue and creep resistance: PC endurance plate in thermoplastic plastic creep resistance is good. Even if its creep at high temperature is still very small.

thermal performance

1, high temperature: PC endurance plate melt temperature 135 ℃, the temperature of 120 ℃ continuous use.

2, puffing temperature: PC endurance plate brittle temperature was minus 40 ℃, low temperature for continuous use - 30 ℃, it is general plastic ratio.

3, combustibility: PC endurance plate belongs to one of flame retardant self-extinguishing plastics, it does not produce poisonous gas in high temperature heating.

3, heat conduction rate: PC endurance plate thermal conductivity and the general plastic difference is not big, is about a quarter of the glass, 1/300 of the iron, aluminum, 1/1000 of 1/2000 of the copper, belong to one of the good performance of heat preservation material.

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