Endurance plate heat insulation performance

by:GWX     2020-09-02
Endurance plate as well as sun plate are made of polycarbonate ( PC) Resin processing, is a kind of high performance plastic polymers, in our life, we often hear of polycarbonate solid sheet, PC bulletproof glass, PC solid sheet, wear plate plate actually refers to is the PC endurance. Its formal name in international trade and sunshine board is the same, all call polycarbonate panels. Jone optical give you detail the characteristics of PC board performance:
endurance plate heat insulation performance of the first,
PC endurance plate impact resistance, impact resistance, and is not broken, actually this, we can from endurance plate name can knows a thing or two. Its strength is very surprising, hundreds of times that of tempered glass, in the guard against theft, bulletproof field widely used. After installed, very strong, safe.

the second, a good processing plastic can again, not only can PC endurance plate bending, arch, and even can be installed according to the different construction need to endurance plate bending in a semicircle, half arch and so on.

third, endurance plate daylighting sex and weatherability are outstanding, PC board is very transparent, not only is an insulator, and can prevent ultraviolet ray, it's transparent and glass is almost the same performance, also has the characteristics of the fire, fire lighting is very good material.

4, PC board heat resistance effect is good. It not only has good low temperature resistance, can be up to 40 degrees below zero centigrade, and high temperature resistant, can reach 125 degrees Celsius.

5, PC endurance plate material is lighter, the weight is only less than half glass, convenient handling, installation and construction and management.
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