Endurance plate installation how to solve the seal problem?

by:GWX     2020-09-03

endurance plate is now in a variety of architectural lighting roof and extensive application in indoor decoration, regardless of the plate is the dry method of assembling or wet method of assembling; Horizontal, vertical or inclined installation, endurance plate installation in the edge of the more important of all is the fastening.
endurance plate installation, or in the connection profiles in framed with slots must set aside space effectively, in order to board the inflation and the load displacement. Users must according to the engineering location points of the four seasons temperature difference, calculate the endurance plate installation clearance data, to reasonably adjust the clearance.
in the endurance plate by clamping part should contain at least one arrow, or at the edge of the plate is mesh part minimum 20 mm. In general, the profile of slot should include the total depth of 20 mm mesh plus due to thermal expansion and deformation caused by load clearance should be set aside.
about endurance plate sealing technology, require the plate edge is smooth hole and without any impurities, dry compressed air; The viscous material of sealing material used to endurance plate without damage; Sealing tape should have the good weather and in a long time should not lose viscosity and mechanical strength; Don't polish before sealing or clean with alkali endurance plate, lest produce hair phenomenon.
to ensure the stability of the endurance plate and sealing, must use special leak proof and complete sets of special fastener or tablet layering; If use other products, to ensure that the same strip is made of EPDM rubber or butyl rubber, so as not to harm the endurance plate.
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