Endurance plate installation method and matters needing attention

by:GWX     2020-09-01

endurance plate is now particularly popular, the use of endurance plate because of the amount of good electricity insulativity, high pervious to light, heat resistant to cold, resistance to impact performance is superior, is generally used in electric and electronic equipment, optical media, packaging industry, automobile spare parts and other fields. Unocal endurance plate endurance plate small make up to you talk about the construction method and matters needing attention.

a, endurance plate installation method

1, embedded installation method

( 1) Endurance plate protective film will affect and seal glue, so it should be taken before embedded in the PC to remove embedded part of the protective film.

( 2) Endurance plate embedded, appropriate amount of embedded and expansion space. If embedding quantity too little, endurance plate may fall off by wind or other weight; Such as the expansion space is not enough, may also be due to inflation endurance plate stress, cause damage.
2, screw installation method

( 1) Can be made according to the thickness, screw spacing, the appropriate configuration, spacing is too small and too much is not good. Such as the spacing is too small, sometimes stress caused by too tight, cause damage; Such as spacing is too big, and may make endurance plate fixed instability. Therefore we recommend the following spacing;

( 2) Screw holes the size of the summer endurance plate must be considered and the different heat bilges cold shrink day and night. In general, the screw holes should be larger than the screw diameter

2 ~ 4 mm, to reserve expansion space.

( 3) The location of the screw holes from the edge of endurance plate is too close, very easy to cause broken board, in general, the position of the screw holes from the PC board for the screw hole diameter of at least two edges. More than 5 times. For example, the diameter of 4 mm screw, the screw holes position at least from the endurance plate edge to have more than 1 cm.

( 4) Do not lock the screw is too tight, otherwise the distortion, and cause stress.

( 5) Lock screw on endurance plate had better not choose self tapping screw, otherwise produce stress, and stress at the plate thickness increases.
2, endurance plate construction matters needing attention

1, clean metal framework, absolutely not have chemical material such as metal pipe bending oil or acid liquid residue on the framework.

2, need to seal installation, can choose neutral silicone sealant series, waterproof tape and rubber stopper.

3, waterproof tape except for waterproof, can also be used for endurance plate and frame between the liner material. Some double sided tape glue with endurance plate is damaged, so the construction and use.

4, must be used when cutting electric tools, saw blades for tungsten carbide material, best before cutting plate fixed to avoid vibration.

5, in addition to the scratch resistance endurance plate other endurance plate is easy to scratch, do not tear the protective film when cutting. Prior to cutting line mark, as far as possible mark on the protective film, such as must be marked on the board directly, please use crayons, should avoid to use sharp tools.

6, new buildings in cement is not completely dry before, do not contact directly with endurance plate, otherwise the alkaline substances will destroy the endurance of concrete material.
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