Endurance plate is what material?

by:GWX     2020-09-03
Endurance plate thickness is generally 10 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm, such as specifications, also has the lake blue in color, transparent, white wait for color, available for users to choose according to their actual needs and loved them. Material

endurance plate endurance plate mainly is qualitative light, weather resistance, super excellent properties, flame retardant, sound insulation, make we build greenhouses and canopy and daylighting top quality options, we choose to use the roof canopy sunshine can choose according to their actual use demand, if it is using high cost performance we want we can choose to 10 mm quality is better, this kind of endurance plate we don't often in normal situation is allow people to walk on it. But for endurance plate 8 mm or 6 mm, if people walk on it or want to be with good quality for a longer time may exist the safe use of hidden dangers.
it is well known that the same product have high low. High-end endurance plate quality assurance for ten years, very durable, no problem, the price must be a little higher. Price and quality are equivalent, it is good. Say no compression, it is no problem, first of all, as the top material, its top is certainly slope, arched, drainage, prevent the snow. Other endurance plate has fittings to connect plate and reinforcement plate, no problem.

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