Endurance plate is widely used in curtain wall project

by:GWX     2020-09-03

considering the endurance ability of resistance to deformation, plate curtain wall system of curtain wall system must perform for each important parts of the science of mechanics calculation, but also fully combined with wind, gravity, earthquake, the influence of temperature on the curtain wall system; Up not only that, but also for endurance plate curtain wall system, connection system, keel, panel and fastener to check carefully, to ensure the safety of the curtain wall.
endurance plate in the application of curtain wall engineering
the first suggestion of endurance plate curtain wall connected by floating, this way can ensure recovery after curtain wall deformation ability, ensure the integrity of the multilayer structure sun curtain wall plate manufacturer and will not make curtain wall deformation caused by the force, avoid the happening of curtain wall drum convex or concave surface.
the second is about endurance plate is fixed in a curtain wall system in the installation of the plate flatness plays a decisive role, if do not match the force plate each fixed point, the surface deformation of the material will influence effect, so the fixed way must use distance of the plates clamp fixed way, to ensure that the curtain wall surface roughness.

for flanging composite panel materials keep only the positive plate thickness, thickness thin, strength is reduced, so the edge must have a reliable reinforcement measures. Plate on the back of the need to set up to strengthen, in order to increase the strength and stiffness of the plate and the And the distance of stiffener arrangement to strengthen itself strength and stiffness, must meet the requirements, to ensure the use function and safety of endurance plate curtain wall.

the other is the endurance plate sealing, waterproof, internal structures, such as glue sealing are included, the price also is not the same but different sealing way, choose suitable sealing methods used in engineering, ensure the function of the curtain wall and outside decoration effect.
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