Endurance plate presents the heat function and mechanical function

by:GWX     2020-09-05
Endurance plate this material has the efficacy of the two aspects of attracting the masses of users, respectively is endurance plate heat function and mechanical function. First say endurance plate heat function, mainly including its melting temperature, linear expansion coefficient, combustibility, brittle temperature and thermal conductivity etc.
endurance plate melting temperature is 135 ℃, its continuous use temperature of 120 ℃; Linear expansion coefficient of 7 x 10 - 5 cm/cm / ℃, is smaller in the plastic. And endurance plate is a flame retardant self-extinguishing plastics, one of the poisonous gas in high temperature heating will not attack.
after tests found that the brittle temperature endurance plate for - Temperature 40 ℃, the minimum continuous use - 30 ℃, it is general plastic ratio. And its thermal conductivity and the general plastic difference is not big, is about a quarter of the glass, 1/300 of the iron, aluminum 1/1000, 1/2000 of the copper, belong to one of the heat preservation function material.
second, also talking about the endurance plate mechanical functions, such as its bending strength and excellence due to endurance plate bending, so even if the bending Angle of 90 ° will not crack. At the same time it also has good tensile strength, even at 120 ℃, its tensile strength is still up to 350 KGF/cm2.
in addition, the creep resistance endurance plate in the thermoplastic plastic ideal, even if its creep at high temperature is still very small. In addition, the endurance plate shock function is admirable, it is 250 times higher than the traditional glass, 30 times higher than acrylic, almost comparable to steel.
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