Endurance plate to add hardening treatment

by:GWX     2020-09-01
Endurance plate after forming secondary processing, the main process is the hardening treatment, the reason for hardening treatment for endurance plate, the main reason is that the PC board surface hardness is not enough, easy to scratch, scratched, making its application is limited by a lot.
since endurance plate surface after appropriate hardening treatment, makes the plate surface hardening can reach 2 h. But one thing to note that not all endurance quality of PC board can do hardening, visible hardening endurance slabs on the plank requirements are more strict. Is one of the most important premise condition, endurance plate surface need die line, the phenomenon such as water ripple, hardening can proceed.
hardening endurance plate has one weakness is that made the board surface hardening treatment, will affect the flexibility, PC board plate can become very fragile, at the time of processing or installation endurance plate prone to brittle fracture. Plank can't bend at the same time, placed in the process of the flat. So hardening endurance plate although part to satisfy the customer demand, but overall in the market are still very few.
barrier like a silent endurance plate does not need to be hardening treatment, it not only can meet the engineering requirements for material sound insulation effect of noise barrier, also conforms to the pursuit of the permeability of landscape effect and visual. In addition, the construction of the sound barriers also want to consider the strength of the viaduct, sound barriers for the lower bulk density, the better.
and endurance plate qualitative light, natural transparent insulating board to be the priority choice. Engineering construction even more to the safety of the barrier, if use transparent glass insulation board, easily broken after hit by the car, heavy and sharp shards of glass dropped from viaduct, will have a huge security threats on a bridge pedestrian; If choose light sound insulation endurance plate, its safety factor greatly ascend.
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