Endurance plate to consider before installation?

by:GWX     2020-09-03
Endurance plate installation details all the thoughtful before

when installing a endurance plate, should fully consider the thickness of the plate, and the effects of heat bilges cold shrink, set aside enough amount of embedded. Summer when installation, can be appropriately reduced reserve embedded; In winter when installation, should increase the reserved embedded.

before installation to check whether the surface of the frame is flat, if there is or burr, welding scar on the frame to replace the skeleton; Frame must be very dry, especially without any volatile solvent. To drill on the plate, the distance between the holes is appropriate, not too big nor too small.
if the spacing is too large, large, can cause accumulation of thermal expansion and cause the room; If the spacing is too small, will cause restrictions to plate movement, lead to stress concentration. Before installing endurance plate, want to get rid of the fixed part of protective film, because the protective film on the endurance plate and joint sealant combined with a certain impact.

but must do secondary coating line, off again until after the installation is complete. Never can be protective film after clip inside the plate with a sharp tool to have. If need to endurance plate bending, the bending radius of the 180 times must not be greater than that of the plate thickness.

endurance plate cutting can use cutting saws, hacksaw, wallpaper, etc. , don't tear protective film, cutting plate after cutting remove sawdust. Endurance plate are protective film, double-sided general logo one side with uv protection function, when installation, the facing out.
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