Endurance plate to do in order to reduce waste

by:GWX     2020-09-02

PC board as a kind of typical building decoration materials, the house decorate a process often use this sheet. But often because of the operation of the installation personnel is unreasonable, led to the endurance plate very serious waste, improved indoor decoration costs, in turn, to a certain level. That how to decorate to reduce the waste endurance plate? Today small make up you tell everyone the save method.

in endurance plate in the whole process of construction, some construction team only get a lot of spending, not in accordance with the specifications to normal mounting plates. Although waste is inevitable when installation but also to pay attention to the degree.
general situation, endurance plate in the engineering construction at the time of waste to control in 6% 8%, if beyond the values that may appear when workers install excessive waste happens, we must pay attention to tell this time construction personnel, in accordance with the normal operation to install, it can also save a lot of cost.

but want to install in accordance with the normal step endurance plate, after installation of the rest of the board and don't throw away as from the endurance plate shear leftover material can be used in the construction process. The board that doing this can save our consumption, improve our cost.

when it comes to endurance plate storage, this operation is very simple, as long as pay attention to is not in the sun exposure can not install it is best not to remove the plate on the protection of the original film; If take the dust on the surface of clean with clear water then can, usually with 50 degrees of the water to go, but remember to use neutral cleaning fluid, can not with acid, alkali and alkali cleaning fluid to clean up; And after cleaning to apply cold water to clean and tidy, then drying.
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