Endurance plate which problems need to pay attention to when buying?

by:GWX     2020-09-05

the matters needing attention when selecting endurance plate unocal, small make up some data are summarized, and explained the general when choosing endurance plate should pay attention to some of the problems, the endurance plate and the service life of the sunshine board, the service life depends mainly on raw materials and production process. Using different raw materials, life would be different. Production process depends on whether have uv coating, uv coating is uniform and the thickness of the uv is in line with the standard.

made of imported materials for unocal sunshine board or endurance plate service life is long, can reach 10 years. Here small make up suggest customers buy the sun made of imported materials plate or stamina.
intensity of use, according to stall, car canopy, channel, the usage of lighting tent and so on, using thickness can choose 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm double sunshine board or 3 mm to 5 mm endurance plate, etc. Gymnasium, workshop, conference and exhibition center, greenhouse, restaurants and so on should be based on specific projects to choose the appropriate sun plate plate or endurance. Endurance plate specifications can be customized, custom plate specifications, the sunshine board standard width of 2100 mm, endurance plate standard width of 2100 mm, the length can be customized according to customer requirement.

polycarbonate endurance plate and light plate is the main raw material, the production process to join masterbatch, add what color masterbatch, endurance plate is what color, general customers choose endurance plate, common for transparent, lake blue, sky blue, etc. , can also be customized according to the actual demand. Transportation and storage are also should pay attention to some problems, this emphasis on sun plate and endurance of transportation and storage.

when transporting and storing the sunshine board and PC endurance board, should be in accordance with the instructions, so as not to scratch or damage to the panel edge. All plates should comply with the requirements, packing, transporting and storing to minimize plate damage in the process of transportation and storage.
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