Explanation of polycarbonate BanZhu building energy saving, low carbon living

by:GWX     2020-08-26

PC endurance plate made of polycarbonate, PC sunshine plate plate, with high performance and attractive offers many choices for energy conservation. Polycarbonate (PC) plate pervious to light quality is similar to the glass, but more than glass, and its design degrees of freedom is bigger, is an excellent substitute for glass. Light, strong and durable, the product weight is half the thickness of the same weight of glass, and 30 times that of the impact strength of toughened glass.

in terms of lighting, it is in the application of roof tent with the high sex also provides the daylighting effect, and greatly reduces the amount of steel building structure. And the product color variety, which can meet different needs of architectural appearance. PC board popular reasons, is widely applied in the new path of architectural lighting, sound insulation, interior decoration, such as LED energy saving materials.

the pursuit of urbanization construction, design style is more and more, people are increasingly stringent requirements are put forward for public energy saving materials, not only to fashion, attractive, and accord with the requirement of low carbon energy saving. Given that dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions requirements, people demand for energy saving material with higher energy efficiency are also improved.

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