Expressway why songs sound insulation board using PC endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-02
In the process of urban construction, if the highway is near the residential area, in addition to separated by a distance, or need to add insulation board, in most of the process, the highway preferred material is PC endurance plate, is this why?

( 1) True to prevent struck.

in fact, in the process of driving on the highway speed is usually in the 90 km to 120 km per hour, the speed of driving conditions, if the car tire rolling after some small stones took it fly up, caused by the impact ability is very strong, even if is such a after the car glass, is likely to be damaged, and there will be no use PC endurance plate as dangerous, because PC board resistance to strike capability is 200 times to 300 times of common glass.

( 2) Perfect sound insulation protection.

since the PC endurance plate is a kind of convenient engineering, it is certain to reach their due function, which is the biggest reason why people use PC endurance plate, he can achieve sound insulation effect more than any other kind of material, than on the market for acrylic material or glass or steel materials are strong, and the sound insulation effect is very good, can maximum limit in residents living within the enjoy the quiet life. Combined with PC board of low cost, change the difficulty is small, so he is popular with the municipal department.
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