Finished product canopy use PC sunshine board as raw materials

by:GWX     2020-08-25
The existence of the canopy is our finished product can be seen everywhere, especially in the community to downstairs before introduce the do canopy has many advantages, the first to give you a simple introduction to the performance of the canopy and purposes: performance: impact resistance, ageing resistance, non-friable, sun rain, good flame retardancy in self-extinguishing fire, light weight, easy installation, have the laudatory title of no broken glass! Purpose: sun canopy, greenhouses, daylighting, carport, sun room, ecological restaurant, swimming pool, overpasses channel and so on sun plate canopy in life you will be very easy to see. We live in a village, the property in order to make residents more comfortable, will give we travel by bicycle, etc. Install the canopy. Intersection is the bus stop, in order to make passengers more comfortable waiting, will install canopy above the bus stop, for waiting passengers from the rain. And big cities especially in the south, it's hot in summer season, the non-motor vehicle lanes will be installed above the canopy, let people waiting for the red light won't be so anxious, more will reduce the number of traffic accidents. Choose plate quality performance is particularly important, small make up think new incoming sunlight plate is the best, by visible light plate canopy above, are common in our life. The following with you to understand the canopy of the production process. polycarbonate solid sheet canopy is produced by polycarbonate PC and the raw materials, it has special properties, make can resist ultraviolet ray, prevent aging, transparent, acid and alkali resistant, etc. First send polycarbonate granules raw materials into the machine, heating pressure, and then according to the different needs of customers, to join different color dye. Moreover, will blend into the extruder of the former, the raw materials, extrusion so semi-finished have generated in this way, according to the user's design size, in the cutting processing, makes it look like what we need.
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