Greenhouses commonly used glass & what are the advantages and disadvantages of PC board?

by:GWX     2020-08-26
Now the agricultural production from the greenhouses. Greenhouses not only can resist natural disasters, drought waterlogging, can advance or delay the cultivation, extend the growth period of crops and achieve the goal of early, late, increase yield, was warmly welcomed by the farmers. Due to different climate and application, the specifications of the greenhouses. And the most important in greenhouses must belong to cover material, today let's talk about the most common two greenhouses covering material, detailed for their advantages and disadvantages, also can be as much as possible to help his friends is more reasonable to select the applicable greenhouses covering material. A, greenhouses material: glass advantages: 1. Pervious to light performance and high pervious to light retention; 2. Heat preservation performance is good; 3. Due to ultraviolet transmittance is very low, the glass of ageing resistance performance is good, long service life. 4. The coefficient of heat bilges cold shrink coefficient is low, the structure is reliable. Weakness: the glass bigger than quantity ( 2500kg/m3) , strict in greenhouse based, skeleton, initial cost, maintenance cost, operation cost, depreciation cost is high; Low shock resistance, fragile; Heat preservation performance is poor. At present, many large cities have did not encourage building glass greenhouse. Greenhouses materials: polycarbonate PC board plate ( PC) Is currently one of the more advanced polymer plastic applications. 1, high mechanical strength, high impact toughness; 2. Dimensional stability is very good, good heat resistance, can be long-term use under 60 ~ 120 ℃. Thermal deformation temperature greater than 310 ℃, flammability specifications self-extinguishing resin, the polarity is small, bibulous rate is low, light stability, good weatherability; 3. Service life up to 10 years; 4. Heat preservation performance is extremely high, its heat transfer coefficient can be reduced to 1. 6 to 2. 2 ℃ w/m2, than a glass greenhouse energy saving 30% ~ 60%. Mainly include wave plate, plate and three types of multi-layer corrugated board. Plate thickness 0. 7 ~ 1. 2毫米; The wave plate ( Corrugated form board) Coverage of even light in greenhouse, the average transmittance increased slightly; Double layer or three layer of high quality polycarbonate hollow sheet 3 ~ 16 mm thick.
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