Grind arenaceous polycarbonate solid sheet PC panel

by:GWX     2020-09-26
Frosted polycarbonate solid sheet is mainly used in the PC panel, roof, skylight, sidewalks and corridor roof, roof swimming pool, shopping center and a football field, highway noise barriers, bus shelter center, machine protection, lighting, signage, wall and room space, sunshade, sun room, greenhouse and greenhouse, canopy material, riot, safety glass, etc.

product features

1. Light transmittance: good pervious to light, Up to 88%) , exposure in the sun on the board will not yellow, spray or poor light.
  2. Weather resistance: the sun has a uv membrane, it can prevent resin fatigue caused by ultraviolet or yellowing, and transferring them to visible light, its effect on the photosynthesis of plants with good stability, It is very suitable for protecting valuable items on display at the art and) 。
  3. Impact resistance: PC piece of impact strength is common glass - 250 300 times.
  4. Flame retardant, flame retardant grade B1 GB862588 test to determine by the state, no fire drops or toxic gases.
  5. Portability: light weight, can be directly cold bending, convenient for construction and decoration.
  6. Sound insulation effect: sound insulation effect is good, is the world recognized the highway sound insulation materials.
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