High leakproof requirements? U lock gusset plate look at!

by:GWX     2020-08-29
Said to the board may, as you know, but when it comes to U lock gusset plate said that many people have not heard, actually U lock gusset plate is a kind of sunshine board, is an extension of the sunshine board expanded edition. U lock version is a new kind of architectural lighting material, with high load, thermal expansion, simple and easy to install, effectively prevent leakage, heat preservation and heat insulation, suitable for bending design such as multiple advantages. Is widely used in sports venues roof daylighting, garage entrance, swimming pool ceiling, canopy walkway, train station, commercial and retail market architectural lighting, etc. U lock gusset plate adopted free sliding fixed pieces, vertical rib edge design 100% put an end to the mounting surface water seepage, the whole system innovation U side whipstitch structure design, makes plate installation is more simple and quick, structure firmer, more convenient maintenance. Shanghai new material technology co. , LTD. , the introduction of imported co-extrusion production line equipment, USES the single screw extruder, vacuum exhaust type to produce high-quality PC hollow sun plate, solid endurance plate, hollow multilayer u-shaped lock gusset plate, such as polycarbonate plate series. The production of polycarbonate U lock gusset plate is an advanced construction fastening systems, effectively solve the problem of positive and negative wind pressure and heat bilges cold shrink. The meaning of design has been proved by practice, it has double UV protection, is an intelligent light-control products. It brings together the excellent properties, such as light, heat insulation and high strength, fire rating flame retardant B1 level, provides a lightweight, non thermal expansion problem and the leak proof design, able to withstand very high load. Its many unique advantages make it a variety of choice of project use for a long time. U lock gusset plate has the following key advantages and features: 1. U lock gusset plate construction design patent leak proof system, ensure that under the condition of the roof there is a lot of water construction system not leak; 2. U lock gusset plate construction system of strong large double and patent shuangkou fixed bridge design, ensure the roof wind load in July. 0 kpa, roofing systems do not appear fall off phenomenon; 3. U lock gusset plate construction system can not only ensure plate more than 15 years not aging, also ensure that the whole roof system more than 15 years still can use.
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