How many people in export department?
The number of employees in export department accounts for at least 20% of the total. We have carried out export business for years. All employees in the export division are well trained and experienced. Multi language service is available also. We will continue expanding the export business.

GWX brand is famous for its first-rate light diffusion polycarbonate sheet and superlative service. has diverse products and we will show you the main products of polycarbonate solid sheet series below. The impact resistance of GWX's polycarbonate solid sheets is 200 times higher than that of the glass. . The performance index of polycarbonate solid sheet,solid polycarbonate roofing is in the domestic leading position. GWX's polycarbonate hollow sheets feature excellent thermal insulation. . a complete marketing vein of polycarbonate u profile,u profile plastic has been formed by GWX.

GWX always holds the strong aspiration to be a leading polycarbonate film supplier. Call now!
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