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How to alleviate the aging problem of polycarbonate hollow sheet?

How to alleviate the aging problem of polycarbonate hollow sheet?



People will grow old and need to be maintained. Then the polycarbonate solar panel will also be aging. GWX tells you today how to deal with the aging problem of PC solar panels? The aging performance of PC solar panels is mainly due to the dirty, low transmittance and yellowing color of PC solar panels during operation. The essential aging change is that the physical properties of the plate decrease, and the tensile strength of the impact strength, which is relatively high, becomes slightly split. Many fake and inferior sunboards have poor transparency after a period of time, partially split, and even become crisp, which are all manifestations of aging. So how to maintain and maintain in this respect?


Firstly, when purchasing and selecting PC solar panels, it is necessary to make clear the choice of the service life of solar panels, which can be divided into three warranty years: five year, seven years and ten years, which are classified according to brand and quality. The stipulated quality assurance time represents its quality assurance time. Meanwhile, the implied meaning is the speed of its aging. So choose different quality warranty according to your needs.


When installing, attention should be paid to the fact that the sunshine board has the basic function of violet-proof interior line. Therefore, when installing, the best way to prevent the violet interior line layer from sunshine is to say that the violet interior line layer is prone to sunshine. Equipped with insurance, the protective film should not be torn off or bad or bad. To prevent the use of sharp tools to scratch the exterior of the plate, as well as direct nail fixation, blocking smooth demand, to prevent small damage.



When used, the surface of the board hinders the touch of alkaline materials, such as alkali, alkaline salts, amines, ketones, ethers and so on. In cold bending, the bending tendency is not as good as that perpendicular to the rib mark of the sunshine plate. There is also the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, to give the solar panel an elastic space.


The above is to teach you how to alleviate the aging of PC solar panels


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