How to choose the PC board sunshine greenhouse layer used in the construction of agricultural at the same time?

by:GWX     2020-08-28
PC board greenhouse, PC greenhouse is also called the sunshine board PC sunshine board more and more applied to the facilities in the construction of agricultural production. But many of the sunshine board thickness and layers do not understand, if in theory layer, the more sure the better? PC sunshine plate thickness of layer analysis: 1, the advantages of sandwich plate: layer more good sound insulation, good insulation, heat preservation performance is good, support is better than two layer. 2, the shortcomings of multilayer: light transmittance is low, compared with the double plate light transmittance is low, cannot satisfy some flowers plant of growth needs. 3 comparison, cost: the cost of a multilayer more than two layer board due to the materials so the price is high also many, if not the laminated material proportion increase, so instead of a multilayer does not follow to go up the wall thickness of the thinner more influence use quality. 4, the service life of PC sunshine board the key in the top layer, instead of depending on how many layers, so the service life of the laminated does not bring much benefit. PC sunshine plate outer contain UV anti-aging coating, the UV UV coating can greatly increase the service life of PC sunshine board. 5, some people choose a multilayer aim is to heat preservation and increase the intensity of 8 mm double PC sunshine board of the specifications of the often used, and in so many construction case, never because of inadequate bearing the sunshine board crush. 6, if the same amount of material, what do you do do two layers of laminated material now, you said partition is thicker, wooden partition thickening of the service life is really good, so we suggest a multilayer choice is better than double with thick plate. 7, so what circumstances choose sandwich plate is good for the space is too small, highly short, supporting frame too thin, or noise barrier material, this case is really the key to insulation requirement.
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