How to choose the suitable PC board?

by:GWX     2020-09-25

in our advanced society, the use of the PC board is more and more widely, but we have many customers still don't know what is the PC board.

PC board with PC board has the characteristics of the inventory.

light hard: light weight, only half of the glass, a third of the acrylic board, good safety, adaptability, convenient for drilling, cutting handling, installation, construction simple processing, not easily broken.

flame resistance: PC board endurance plate itself is not spontaneous combustion with self-extinguishing.

flexible: can be in accordance with the plans on the site by cold bending, install arched, semicircular roof and Windows.

transmission of light: the fiber is 12% 20%. PC board in - 100 ℃ cold short, does not occur at 135 ℃ not soften, its mechanics in the harsh environment, mechanical function and so on had no significant change. Good daylighting, light transmittance as high as 75 ~ 90%, and the transparency can be equivalent to that of glass. UV coating plate blasting bask in the sun won't produce yellowing, atomization, pervious to light, the transmission loss is only 6%, after ten years of PVC turnover rate is as high as 15%, 20%, glass surface co-extrusion layer have chemical absorption and translated into visible light, ultraviolet ray is good not disorderly effect for plant photosynthesis. Outdoor ensures ten years do not fade. Energy saving:

Xia Tianbao cool, heat preservation in winter, PC board has more lower than common glass and other plastic thermal conductivity ( K value) , 7% higher than the equal glass - insulation effect Heat up to 49% 25%, the PC board. Exposure in the sun won't produce yellowing, atomization, pervious to light. The following two meters with 3 kg hammer falling and no cracks and has 'no broken glass' and the 'ring of steel' laudatory name. Minimum bending radius of the plate thickness of 175 times, hot bending.

impact resistance: PC board up to a maximum of 3 kg/cm, the impact of the PC board impact strength is common glass - 250 300 times, it is 2 times of toughened glass, is a 20 - acrylic 30 times, almost no risk of fracture.

heat resistance, cold resistance: - the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius 40 ℃ to + 120 ℃ temperature range does not cause deformation and degradation.

syndrome: PC board surface with uv co-extrusion layer, is the first selection of highway noise barrier in the world. Can prevent the sun's rays resin fatigue caused by ultraviolet light yellow.

the use of PC board completely adapted to our society, we should have the right to use it more.
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