How to choose the sunshine board and endurance plate

by:GWX     2020-08-31
As a user, it should be according to their actual use and need to choose.
the sun plate and endurance are belong to the PC board series, less or no use for to understand better the users, they can feel the two plate seems to be the same, in practice, the difference is bigger, it is necessary to understand the differences between them, so that on the application of material selection. PC endurance sheet is a simple PC solid sheet, single solid sheet; But the price is higher, the PC sunshine board is also called the hollow slab, namely the middle is hollow, a single layer, double layers, even is hollow; The noise insulation effect is better than solid sheet, and not easy to cause plank crack heat bilges cold shrink, but the pressure on the performance than good solid plate, usually used for canopy, carport, good commonly used material such as greenhouses, affordable. Look from the artifacts, as a result of solar panels is hollow, less material, so different thickness and area of the durability of the plate plate is much heavier than the sun.
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