How to differentiate between sun visor and endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-02
First as the user must oneself want to buy sheet, study, analysis of the specific problems of different plates have different purposes, so before buying boards, must clearly understand the performance of different plate and performance, then according to their own needs to make the right choice.

sun visor: main use is sunlight greenhouse tent, tent use daylighting, the sound insulation effect is good, good insulation effect in solid, also is not a simple thermal expansion and contraction crack plate. But the pressure is not equal to the solid board, solid sheet pressure is very good, a hammer is good too.

endurance plate: main use is advertising light boxes, advertising light box usually rarely need to use more than ten years, so the deposit solid plank is usually less than ultraviolet light guide, quick easy ageing, not in the sun and ultraviolet layer more important compressive strength is fast, not hard solid sheet rapid aging. Endurance plate than simple hollow slab, especially in the bearing.

it is important to accept the use of buying products: solar panels have been selected for PC hollow plate uv layer, advertising products and selection need to accept without uv solid plate pressure. Don't think strong thing better than a hollow. If endurance plate like sun visor, imported raw materials and the ultraviolet ray is very crowded, endurance plate must be durable, then the quotation can also be a few times. If is the use of temporary turnover box, choose no ultraviolet ray of sun visor, and factory orders according to the application requirement, and can save a lot of cost.
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