How to distinguish the quality grade of the PC endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-01
To identify the quality grade of the PC board method
1, the transparency of the PC board, imported raw materials production of polycarbonate ( Plate, it is very clear and transparent, such as 3 mm thick transparent endurance plate, its light transmittance was 92%. 8 mm thick the light transmittance of transparent endurance plate is 83. Almost 3%, and glass.
2, tear protective film on the surface of the PC board ( 保护膜) Sheet, look at the face whether level off, whether there are air bubbles and particles. If particle and bubble is bigger more, explain production this batch of PC endurance plate material is bad, belongs to the low end plate.
3, measure the actual thickness of PC board, regular endurance plate manufacturer at the time of production, the thickness of the plate will be controlled within the scope of the national standard of tolerance, is the customer order 3 mm PC endurance plate, when on the plate thickness is 3 mm thick. On the contrary, it is of poor quality or cut corners of the factory.
4, conditional word, also can be tested with a small piece of endurance plate, lit it with lighter, PC raw material to produce better quality will leave the fire endurance plate when they go out. PC material with higher molecular weight, the board is not easy to break and broken.

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