How to identify the PC endurance plate, acrylic, organic ps plate method

by:GWX     2020-08-30

the first: PC endurance plate, the recognition method is: high transparency, good resistance to impact, not bad, combustion is the basic won't burn with fire, flame retardant, and open up some black smoke. Organic glass (: Acrylic) Identification method is: extrusion board and casting board, extrusion plate recognition is, good transparency, with primitive recognition method, the fire burning, burning flame, no smoking, have bubbles, when fire can pull the filament. Identification of casting is: the higher transparency, burning with fire, smokeless, bubbles and make noise, fire without wire. Third: organic board, PS identification method is: transparency, reflective when see will have pitting. More brittle, easy to break. On the underground have kaka noise. Combustion would produce a lot of black smoke with fire.

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