How to install PC sunshine board not leaking?

by:GWX     2020-08-30
PC sunshine board application scope is more and more widely in our daily life, especially in greenhouse canopy, advertising industry is very much, but when we are in the application of a lot of times, because of PC sunshine board processing method may not when, often can cause the PC sunshine board appear slack phenomenon, and the industry who will appear this kind of question usually use glass glue to solve, and a lot of matters while in solving this problem is very worthy of our attention to. Here everyone as my introduction about together 1, glass glue to glue the surface of the substrate is indispensible for clean, cannot have other attachments ( Such as dust, etc. ) , otherwise will appear after glass glue curing adhesive not firm or falls off phenomenon. 2, acidity glass glue in curing process will release into the stimulating gas, can stimulate eyes and respiratory function, so be sure to open the doors and Windows, after construction after being cured and the gas, such as sending out after to check in. 3, glass glue is often the problem is the black mold, even if is to use waterproof glue, mouldproof glass glue cannot be completely avoid the occurrence of such problems. So there is water or flooding unfavorable construction for a long time. 4, with glass glue should we can know the glass glue is a kind of organic matter, soluble in organic solvent material such as grease, xylene, acetone, glass glue and therefore contains such material on the base of the construction. 5, ordinary glass glue should have the participation of the moisture in the air to solidify, special and special-purpose glass glue ( Such as anaerobic adhesive) Except, so if you want to the construction of places for confined Spaces and drying, so common glass glue will not be able to do.
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