How to maintain the PC board?

by:GWX     2020-09-24
We all know that the PC board has many characteristics, such as strength, good stability, but want to prolong its service life in our daily life, it needs us to maintain. Then let small make up teach you how to maintain the PC board!

PC board maintenance method, ( 1) When cleaning must be used under 60 ℃ warm water rinse.

  •( 2) Application neutral detergent when cleaning, do not allow the use of sunshine board with erosion of detergent.

  •( 3) Request with a soft cloth or a sponge neutral liquid gently scrub. Disable the coarse, brush, mop and other hard, sharp tools, implementation of clean.

  •( 4) When there is grease, wet paint on the surface, the situation such as tape imprinting available soft stationing alcohol scrub.

  •( 5) Must rinse thoroughly with water to clean the dirt.

  •( 6) Finally polished the board face dry with a clean cloth, with clear water.
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