How to make the endurance plate YuDa water drops decrease?

by:GWX     2020-09-25
We know endurance plate is mainly used in the carport and family window YuDa above, but we often encounter a problem, that is the season of summer and more rain, rain will be loud, it will affect our sleep and life. That how to solve the raindrops fall on endurance plate YuDa voice big problem? And listen to the PC board small make up for you to answer:

first, we need to analyze how sound is made? Such as the sound is a drop of water through a variety of equipment, such as air conditioning pipe, tank, etc. , it just resets, avoid have endurance plate canopy. But if it is caused by rain, that do?

from the point of view of more professional, can reduce endurance plate frame and the slope of metope, the idea is to appropriately increase the raindrops and endurance plate, the contact area of rain and the impact between endurance plate canopy has greatly reduced, so that the sound will be much smaller.

if the above doesn't work this way, can the canopy endurance plate covered with a thin layer of blankets, alleviate the raindrops, reduce voice has significant effect.

by PC board of small make up, the above method can well solve the raindrops, endurance plate YuDa have encountered if you also have this problem, might as well try it in the way we!
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