How to prolong the service life of the sunshine board?

by:GWX     2020-08-25
Sunshine board in China's development began in the 1990 s. Early, the main products imported from Europe and America, the price is higher, the application is limited by a certain field. In the late 90 s, with the rapid development of China's economy, a lot of plastic manufacturers have also joined the ranks of product manufacturing. With the enlargement of the market, the products on the market also becomes uneven, make consumer is when the choose and buy is difficult to determine. Especially the service life of the most critical, it is no standard to follow. So, how to judge the service life of the ? Plank of aging resistance can be a good standard. As is known to all, aging of organic chemical material, is mainly affected by ultraviolet irradiation and the stability of the material itself. So, make sure the aging resistance of , on the one hand, to guarantee the stability of the raw materials, on the other hand to uv radiation on the surface of the plate ( UV) Protective layer. Stability of raw materials stability depends on two aspects: the quality of the raw material itself, Whether to add recycling material) ; Different plate raw material formula and improve the physical properties of the additives. Resistance to ultraviolet radiation (uv process UV) Technology directly affects the service life of the . To sunlight plate uv protective layer of concrete practice has the following three types. Coating technology. The resistance to UV absorber coating on the surface , or at very low concentration of UV absorbent added in PC material. This new process under uv persistence is bad. Online co-extrusion resistance to UV technology. In a certain concentration of UV absorbent added in PC material ( General concentration in 5% 7%) To a certain thickness ( 30~50um) Co-extrusion plate surface layer in the sunshine. In this process, sun plate UV resistant effect is greatly increased. However, due to the resistance to UV absorbent concentration in the PC raw material may not be too high, so can't guarantee 100% UV cannot penetrate. In addition, resistance to UV absorber itself also have quality and life cycle. At the same time, a certain thickness of UV absorption agent in the UV resistance of co-extrusion layer may impact on molecular structure of PC material. Chemical plating resistant UV and heat curing technology. The highly stable UV absorption material and eigen weather resistance of chemical plating thermal curing at the surface, guarantee better weatherability and smaller yellowing, overcome the UV absorber different types and concentrations of weather resistance resulted from the differences. The process is expensive, however, the basic requirements of using harsh military or scientific research. As you can see, the as architectural lighting material is very good choice. But, like other products, the also exist differences of quality. So, the choice of the products is the important link to ensure the quality of project.
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