How to realize the long life of endurance canopy PC board?

by:GWX     2020-08-25
In daily ubiquitous carport, bus station canopy, etc. , can see the figure of PC endurance plate, these applications are all are outside, face the biggest problem is ultraviolet (uv) light. Want to know, ultraviolet penetration will let the macromolecular chain rupture of plastic, plastic degradation occurs, the so-called plastic ageing. Plastic performance will decrease with aging, visually intuitive visible is the plastic color, crisp, easy to fracture. Defence ultraviolet ability, therefore, becomes the key to canopy PC endurance plate lifespan, we added from uv technology and single uv radiation to examine two aspects. Add process the earliest uv add method is the coating process, this process simple and crude, through direct canopy with PC endurance plate in the smear anti-uv agents to implement. The add process while also can resist ultraviolet ray, but are easily affected by the outside world, the rain and the sand scour can make the loss of uv coating, soon will be exhausted. The result is a PC endurance plate lost protection, after a few months will be aging. Thus, the backward technology has been eliminated. Then, in the industry appeared mixed co-extrusion add process, this process is before production PC endurance plate, PC material with UV to mix raw materials, to achieve the effect of UV. This process more than the coating process can prolong the life of plates, but limited to the principle of mixed co-extrusion, PC material with UV resistance particle distribution, both in PC performance and the performance of the UV resistance can't play to the extreme, life of 5 years or so. Single/double uv radiation in the past, many manufacturers are add canopy PC endurance plate on the southern slope anti-uv layer, but later it was found that, even if it is better to add process, canopy PC endurance plate also is unable to perform theoretical maximum life, why is this? This should from ultraviolet (uv) light propagation path is analyzed. The sun about 60% of the ultraviolet light through direct transmission, and 40% is spread through the diffuse reflection. Therefore, 40% diffuse ultraviolet ray can harm the canopy PC endurance plate toward the nightside, nature also can't play the longest life expectancy. Two-sided uv board, therefore, can make the longest life expectancy in theory, but also can protect a PC endurance plate in the following cases. One is the application of vertical plate, in one day will be affected by different angles of ultraviolet radiation, double-sided UV can well block. In addition, the double uv plate can prevent workers to identify errors, will be toward the sunrise, just can from various angles on the PC board, endurance for longer service life.
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