How to transport the PC board?

by:GWX     2020-09-25
PC board on the logistics of maintenance:

1, PC board at the bottom of the need to level off, when empty pack must be cleaning the car, to avoid the small stones and other objects restrict bad PC board.

2, if the bottom of the PC board with uneven distribution transport the goods sunshine board, so want to be in some soft mat at the bottom of the PC board PE protective film, such as waste scrap bag, etc.

3, at the bottom of the car can't have chemical liquid residue, oily be soiled, easy corrosion sunshine board.

4, upper PC board incompressible interface smaller heavy goods, at the bottom of the distribution can have sharp edges.

5, even short-distance transport to tie up the car, with a rope good PC board, avoid PC board by the wind blown away.

6, thicker PC board is not suitable for more than 12 mm thickness of curl.

7, at the rope with PC board, mark should be mat PC board scrap or other things, in order to avoid the sunshine board was bad.

8, curly must be noticed when PC board transportation, curly after PC board thickness of the board of minimum radius should not be less than 175 times.
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