Industry reveal! Reasons behind the PC board chaos flying

by:GWX     2020-08-26

the PC board from early to China today, has been nearly 20 years, from the beginning the daylighting of the material, become widely used in agriculture, construction, manufacturing and public facilities services each big industry. From the big brands, at the beginning of the development to now manufacturers hustle and bustle, all kinds of manufacturer is multifarious, and the sham as the genuine, uneven.

a chaos, industry five like flying

PC board industry at the same time of rapid development, all kinds of chaos, gradually to charming eyes, mainly for the following five conditions:

a is to use waste materials, low price, selling sheet than selling cabbage. Industry a lot of small factory at present, only the pursuit of sales and profits, and ignore the integrity and corporate responsibility, not good quality, but the cost is low. Through waste products of low prices, disturb the market, consumer fraud, not only affect the healthy development of the industry, more let consumer interest;

2 it is doesn't steal thickness, it is only 2. Endurance plate of 5 mm thickness to consumers said 3 mm. Because 0. The thickness of 5 mm gap, for the people, simply don't see;

three is promised, five years, ten years twenty years warranty commitment, many industry manufacturers and merchants, to cheat consumers to purchase products, since talk nonsense about commitment, clearly the poor quality of products, that can do it for five years, ten years, twenty years warranty commitment in not honest, just a is a fool, to make money.

four is guerrilla enterprise, playing a shot in a trademark. Industry, many practitioners and the boss not to do business well done is the first priority, and mull over in're incapable manner, to earn a quick buck, a lot of money, so using waste materials, thickness of theft, disorderly commitment, if the enterprise problems and disputes, immediately shut down, over a period of time to register a trademark, wearing a waistcoat and harm.

5 it is fake fake, false advertising. Like big real bayer, such as industry, good reputation, so a rash appeared shanzhai, imitation brand identity, for example, by changing one letter to confuse users, so as to promote itself as the 'XX sunshine board', some very direct counterfeit brand. In addition, the industry still exists the phenomenon of false advertising, some enterprises PC board in the transmission of light, impact resistance, and UV, UV protection, sound insulation, weather resistance, resistance to yellowing, cracking resistance, and other products key data index exists serious deceive misdirect consumer behavior, disorderly blow on promotional product data and cattle.

2, chaos are behind the lax standards, weak supervision and lack of integrity

why PC board industry appear says five chaos like before? Investigate its reason is that industry is not mature, after extensive high-speed development, the existing standard implementation, supervision and management does not reach the designated position, and a lot of business owners lack of integrity.

industry at present with a standard for the 2012 version, endurance plate is JG/T347 - 2012, sunshine is JG/T116 - Sheet for the PC raw materials provision: in 2012, the standard of raw materials should be given priority to with polycarbonate material, can be used in the production process clean recycle material, but not more than 20%, are not allowed to use polycarbonate waste or recycled materials.

on the market at present there are 80% of the waste and recycle material products, fully show serious aliasing during the implementation of national standard in the enterprise or in violation of the standards. And behind that is lax supervision and management, the management of the relevant institutions in the turn a blind eye to the industry, not as a result. In addition, many industry operator is desperate to make money, ignore the basic moral and legal bottom line, is also the cause of industry chaos.

three, quality called for! Strengthen supervision and business integrity

at this point, we call for society, industry and management action, and starting from the following four aspects, make business more transparent, make city and home more beautiful, make society less damage due to poor products.

one is to strengthen the blow for industry chaos, punishment and supervision, and let the 'dirty' in the production of waste board and inferior board no living space;

second, establish industry association, formulate industry norms and quality standards, give full play to its coordination and self-discipline, the function of supervision.

three is industry enterprises join hands and to the society basic knowledge of the popularity of the PC board quality cognition, caresses actor to go bad, the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

4 is industry practitioners to strengthen their own moral accomplishment, the good faith management.

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