Inferior PC board become invisible killer

by:GWX     2020-08-27

PC sheet after nearly 20 years rapid development, has been widely used in building, greenhouse, advertising, transportation and other industries. Because industry wide prospect, quick growth, low threshold, attracts a lot of small companies to enter, disorder and poor, lead to industry the sham as the genuine, quality is uneven, 80% industry market is occupied by a low waste plate, the yellow craze, inferior product is less than two years beyond recognition, not only the huge economic losses to the user, and life-threatening, brings great harm to the society! Harm

a: contain toxic and harmful substances, recycling waste, poor environmental

inferior PC board with waste and recycling materials, including plastic bottle, drinking water barrel, PS board, PE board, the waste, environmental protection is poor, has a harm to human body. The recycled plastic, itself is beneficial to the environment, but a lot of small businesses is not recycled materials have poison, does not contain heavy metals and toxic PVC, so long as the cost is low.

some recycled materials under high temperature of floor heating can release a large number of harmful gas, not only bad, also can produce a strong to eyes and respiratory tract mucous membrane, light person can cause, symptoms such as nausea, allergies, the person that weigh can cause a person's liver and nervous system damage, harm to human body health is very big. 2:

hazards inferior plank poor resistance to impact, pressure, prone to accident

inferior PC board pressure resistance is poor, easy to cause surface subsidence, craze, appear to drop things above, the situation of the above personnel, as news reports often appear around the PC board quality pressure difference, crushing injury situation.

new material in the production of hollow double sun plate 8 mm under normal conditions can impact standards for 10 kg iron ball free fall two meters don't break, 8 mm double deck and 10 mm new material board, can be in the fight against general hail impact. But if 8 mm double sun plate with back to material, the result will be hail breakdown situation.

such as some of the buildings and greenhouses in north China, the snow on the top is not easy to melt, the thickness of high snow load cases, back to the sunshine board will be overwhelmed and fracture, weight fall injury will happen. Three:

harm bibulous rate is high, cause mould easily, affect the area personnel health

inferior PC board bibulous rate is high, heat preservation effect is significantly lower, cause mould easily. PC board bibulous rate is a very important indicator. PC board not bibulous, inferior PC board contains many impurities, under the capillary action, the water will gradually infiltrated the plank.

moisture is the important condition of mould to breed, the plank after water absorption is the suitable place for mould to breed. Mold is harmful to health, will speed up the degradation of PC board, affect the life, in addition, the moisture content are important factors affecting the effects of PC board insulation, moisture content of each rose 1%, adiabatic effect by about 10%. Harm

4: inferior plank appear quality problem, cause great economic losses

inferior PC board on market, environmental protection is not up to standard, some containing poisonous or harmful substances, what use is less than one or two years time, there will be become yellow, the problem of craze, it needs to be replaced, some still hurt accidents and all kinds of disputes, often appear such a lot of news. According to the industry a data statistics, due to poor quality and waste, PC boards, each year up to nearly 500 million yuan of economic loss caused to the society.

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