Install the endurance plate how to use waterproof tape?

by:GWX     2020-09-03
Endurance plate self adhesive tape for temporary protection plate edge, aging resistance is poor, cannot use for a long time. When installing a endurance plate, waterproof adhesive tape used to pay special attention to the following aspects:
install endurance plate correctly use waterproof tape

1. Endurance plate according to the specifications after cutting plate blanking, be sure to choose engineering special adhesive tape seal perforated plate end, according to installation specifications have replaced the original tape.

  2. Contact with endurance plate must choose neuter silicone rubber sealant, banning the use of alkaline, acid and chemical composition of unknown sealant containing solvents. Prevent endurance plate and chemical solvent, solution and volatile gas direct contact, if use the paint thinners dilution spray endurance plate, be sure to take the paint can be completely dry before the installation of endurance plate, ban with thinner diluted paint brush installed endurance plate steel skeleton.
3。 To ensure the plate edge is smooth, and said that all blow hole should be clean, there are no any impurities, dry compressed air must be.

  4. Ensure that endurance plate used in the installation profile, metal plate, the end of the u-shaped slot to the adhesive tape cover completely, after the installation is complete, there should be no exposed parts. After the pre-installed on before installation to check whether there is any damage on the tape, find the damaged tape must be replaced. Key to point out here is that the endurance plate cleaning methods, cleaning must be used when under 60 ℃ warm water flushing; And with neutral cleaning agent, in case of damage endurance plate.

  5. Dip in with soft cloth or sponge neutral solution wiped gently endurance plate, and forbids the use of coarse, brushes, mops, and other hard and sharp tools to wipe. When there is grease, wet paint on the surface, tape marks, and so on and so forth when alcohol is wiped, usable soft putting and must rinse thoroughly with water to wipe the stain.
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