Interior decoration, make full use of the sunshine board materials

by:GWX     2020-08-30

many modern families in indoor outside the balcony or villa built sun room, rain loose, leisure pavilion as a habitat for leisure place, such as sun plate material, more save space and cost savings. The balcony is each home the only channel of contact with the outside world, through the balcony of elaborate design to the home and natural be in harmony are an organic whole, introduce the scenery outdoor home. But people tend to ignore this, the secondhand goods room that it as home, wasted a so useful space. Actually the balcony just after planning, become a part of the sitting room, a small study, or a nap, as long as you are with a little mind, will make you surprised. Leisure pavilion built outside the villa, using the sunshine board build very affordable price, but also to build is very flexible, to do the view shade, give a person a kind of comfortable recreational flavor. The family decorates a skilful use of sunshine board can save costs and the beauty is generous.

the sun plate adopt new multi-layer co-extrusion technology, has the following advantages:

1, the heat insulation performance.

2, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging.

3, high strength, high stiffness.

4, flame retardant B1 material, self-extinguishing away from the fire.

5, light green, is not easy to break.

6, hot and cold saving the energy.

7, 10 years warranty.

8, durable.

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