Making advertising light boxes, what are the requirements for the PC endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-23
In recent years, making the material of advertising light boxes has been replaced with the PC endurance plate, because of its safety, environmental protection, high light transmittance, fire prevention, environmental adaptation ability and other advantages. So, in the use of PC board making advertisements from time to tome what requirements? Below small make up together and to get to know it.

demand for PC board:

1, must be high light transmittance, it looks clear enough
2, good surface smoothness, otherwise will greatly reduce the effectiveness of advertisements show
3, has some requirements on size and thickness of the
4, surface with a layer of UV layer, can avoid the phenomenon such as yellow, weathering

the above is the use of PC endurance when board make advertisements on some of the requirements, hope have some help to you. If you are looking for PC endurance plate is still in doubt, PC board prices, and want to know, please contact us.
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