Need to prepare before install PC endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-23
PC endurance plate equipment before, should first must reserve a seam, sealants for static data ( Not at all) , it can also be as dynamic ( Mobile) 。 Docking is important for the analysis of adhesive materials required, sure how the PC board are fixed, and when encounter heat load and theme activities on this side of the adjacent material. Plan to think about all sorts of is likely to cause displacement, collapsed and tighten, shear, etc.
the preparing work before PC endurance plate installation
sealant joints in theory is plan into basic theoretical specification. Tolerance, however, has not only the bonded goods in the process of material consumption, also exists in their installation process. This tolerance will increase or reduce the overall width basic theory joint specification, because the manufacture of tolerance to narrow seam, especially should cherish this in joint plan. If in the process of manufacturing tolerance is not thinking, then producing compact seam are more likely to lead to success.

when the reserved seam through the hours, the estimation of displacement is smooth, because PC endurance plate has the characteristics of the heat from the cold. Then a compact set aside seam tolerance larger reserved seam tolerance of displacement. Although tolerance has been accumulated in manufacturing entities, but they can not be sure, but in a joint plan and even thinking. On the certainly good joint displacement output value should be combined with production and manufacturing tolerance values. If the tolerance can not be get or sure, seam specifications of certain minimum will have to be sure.
when PC board equipment, sufficient to think plate is thick, and the harm of heat from the cold, set aside enough in quantity. Summer equipment, can be appropriately reduce the amount reserved placement; Winter equipment, increasing the amount reserved placement. To examine the framework can surface leveling, if framework with welding slag or burrs, to replace the framework; Framework is very boring, especially not all can be volatile organic solvents.
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