New applications of PC board in the greenhouse

by:GWX     2020-08-31
PC board as a greenhouse cover material enters the domestic facilities agricultural market, has a history of not short. Especially in recent years, with large and medium-sized city new agriculture sightseeing, agricultural cultivation, ecological restaurant facilities such as more and more, the application of PC board is becoming more and more widely. Under the rapid development of the market, the function of the PC board and application also emerge in endlessly. Especially for greenhouse research and development of PC board new applications, can save money province artificial save trouble. No nailing greenhouse PC board installation, does not have to use beam directly nailing installation, can choose profile withhold fixed way, the pieces of the PC board fixed up. Through screw fastening on the profiles, with profiles through four sides, the PC board tightly 'clip' to live in. Outside the profile surface buckle on layering, can make the greenhouse facade is very neat and beautiful. At the same time, through this kind of installation method, to avoid the PC board surface after drilling the water seepage, pollution and other problems, can further ensure the cover material of light transmittance. Three-tier roof gutter structure of greenhouse roof gutter retaining structure is one of the key position of middle cold bridge effect, not only produce condensate, more will produce large amounts of energy losses. The use of the new thermal insulation material adhesion 'three-tier roof gutter' technology, the traditional roof gutter for the very good optimization. The so-called 'three layers of gutter', refers to the traditional roof gutter inside, to adhere to a 'rubber sponge' heat preservation material layer, and the next layer fixed a knot again open ditch. Well optimized cold bridge effect, more for the condensate drainage problems. This kind of structure design, can energy saving 10%. So-called rubber sponge insulation materials, is to use performance of nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, with special craft foam and become soft, high-grade heat preservation and heat insulation material. Rubber sponge insulation materials, low thermal conductivity, completely closed pore structure, the adiabatic effect lasting good: thermal insulation material and the water vapor completely cut off, not bibulous, long service life, use the health and safety; Rubber sponge insulation materials and soft appearance, flexible, convenient and quick construction, without other auxiliary materials. Against cloud droplets by choosing a self-cleaning droplets are self-cleaning PC board, can make the function of greenhouse has been further embodiment. The surface high temperature curing self-cleaning layer. Curing under high temperature condition on the plate surface a layer of special materials, relying on the special physical properties of hydrophobic material itself, improve the infiltration Angle on the surface of the water droplets on the board, form the lotus effect, can play a role antifouling and clean. The inner surface temperature curing the droplets layer. Curing at high temperature under the plate surface with a layer of permanent material. Make the condensed water formed under the plate surface water film suitable plate down, rather than forming droplets falling. UV layer bonds link. Plank used chemical bonds link layer UV production technology, make the UV layer more persistent, and makes the plate surface more smooth, by reducing the reflection and scattering of light to improve the light transmittance, and not conducive to the dust and dirt adhesion. In general, cover material is crucial for the greenhouse effect, it is through the greenhouse covering materials to form a special microclimate environment and isolated from the outside environment. Believe that the cover material, especially the continuous improvement of the PC board function and innovation, the possibility of future greenhouses will show more.
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