Nine of the advantages of PC endurance plate is what?

by:GWX     2020-08-25
A, what is the PC endurance plate endurance plate ( Also known as PC boards, polycarbonate solid sheet, bulletproof glass, long board, plastic, solid sheet kapoor, polycarbonate plate plate, endurance, aviation perspective hollow slab) Is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate or carbon - — Acid ester. Features: resistance to impact, dozen don't break strength hundreds of times more than tempered glass, acrylic, tough security, anti-theft, bulletproof effect is best. Arch, flexible, good workability, high plasticity, can according to the site actual need, bending arched, semicircle style, etc. Endurance plate is most the breadth to do 3 meters wide, arbitrary length. Second, the application of PC endurance plate endurance plate ( Also known as PC boards, polycarbonate solid sheet, bulletproof glass, takashi kapoor board) , with the continuous development of economic endurance plate industry is becoming more and more attention, and widely applied to various industries in their lives. Apply to a telephone booth, advertising signs, light box advertising, display exhibition arrangement; Apply to instruments, meters, high and low voltage switchgear panels, LED screen and military industry, etc. ; Hot forming, blister and other deep processing; Canopy, carport, such as traffic shed light block rain ceiling; Highway and city highway noise barriers; Agricultural greenhouse and breeding greenhouses; Modern ecological restaurant ceiling; At the same time, widely used in the curtain. Three, nine of the advantages of PC endurance plate ( 1) Transmission of light: endurance plate light transmittance as high as 89%, equivalent to that of glass Bi beauty. UV coating plate blasting bask in the sun won't produce yellowing, atomization, pervious to light, the transmission loss is only 10%, after ten years of PVC turnover rate is as high as 15%, 20%, glass fiber is 12% 20%. ( 2) Resistance to impact, the impact strength is common glass - 250 300 times, 30 times that of the same thickness of acrylic, is 2 - tempered glass 20 times, the following two meters with 3 kg hammer drop no crack, there are 'no broken glass' and the 'ring of steel' laudatory name. ( 3) Uv protection: PC board side co-extrusion a uv ( UV) Coating, on the other side has the condensing processing, anti-ultraviolet radiation, insulation against the droplets functions in one. Can block ultraviolet light through, and is suitable for protecting valuable works of art and exhibits, make it from uv damage. ( 4) Light weight: the weight is only half of the glass, save transportation, unloading, installation and support framework cost. ( 5) Flame retardant: national standard GB50222 - 95 confirmed that the endurance plate is difficult level, namely the B1 level. Ignition point is 580 ℃, PC board itself from the self-extinguishing fire, burning will not produce poisonous gas, don't feed the fire from spreading. ( 6) Flexible, can be in accordance with the design adopts cold bending method, at the site installation arched, semicircular roof and Windows. Minimum bending radius of the plate thickness of 175 times, hot bending. ( 7) Sound insulation sex: endurance plate sound insulation effect is obvious, than the same thickness and the strength of glass plate have better sound insulation, under the condition of same thickness, the endurance plate of sound insulation than glass increased 5 - 9 db。 In the world is the first selection of highway noise barrier material. ( 8) Energy saving: Xia Tianbao cool, heat preservation in winter, the endurance plate has more lower than common glass and other plastic thermal conductivity ( K value) , 7% higher than the same glass - insulation effect Plate heat up to 49% 25%, endurance. So that the heat loss is greatly reduced, used to have a warm equipment construction, environmental protection material. ( 9) Temperature adaptability: PC board in - At 40 ℃ cold short, does not occur at 125 ℃ not soften, its mechanics in the harsh environment, mechanical properties, etc. No obvious change.
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