PC also can be made into film, high-tech applied materials of choice!

by:GWX     2020-08-28
PC( Polycarbonate) Is a kind of familiar material. Because of its molecular structure contains the benzene ring of carbonate of flexible and rigid, so that it has many other engineering plastics does not have special performance, such as good pervious to light quality, high glass transition temperature, the ideal can be chemical modification and physical modification, easily and good impact toughness, creep resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance and a series of unique advantages. The purpose of the PC is plenty. But it has a purpose and its application is what most people are not familiar with. It is mainly on polycarbonate resin was prepared by PC film ( 电脑电影) 。 The film temperature tolerance range ( - 30~120℃) After, size stability, excellent comprehensive performance, easy to machining, so its application range is very wide. PC resin viscosity high, can use production PC film extrusion rolling method. Process flow diagram is as follows: raw material drying to melting and plasticizing three kun calender, cooling stereotypes - cutting stacking - product packaging general PC film products all in class purification workshop production. The product thickness range of 0. 05 - 1. 0 mm wide is 915 - 1220 mm, including printing, flame retardant, super level, such as varieties, widely used in membrane switch, instrument table plate, nameplate, panel, pervious to light window, lens, high iron air, flat-panel display and other fields. 1. PC film printing level why people like to use a PC film to print? a) PC film is transparent, and is suitable for in the second plane ( On the back) Printing, therefore: for LED/LCD display window, better protect the logo printing, design, no distortion, stereo sense is b) Easy printing without pretreatment, excellent printing ink adhesion c) Good compatibility with the following inks are solvent ink, UV ink, water-based ink, infrared curing ink d) Selection of PC film has a variety of surface polished surface, a variety of frosted surface, we can do a variety of surface coating, high gloss, resistance to scratch, anti-glare, weather resistance/UV2 resistance. Flame retardant PC film it has excellent flame retardant performance, from V2 Where V0 can be for customers to choose. Applied to the power supply, disk drives, insulation, insulation car barcode insulation, button insulation, insulation, TV monitor PC board insulation, insulation business machines, laminating insulation and so on. Can imitate diamond effect, shiny effect, golden light effect, the magical visual effect, etc. It is this: the benefits of both can be printed; Can forming a complex geometry shape; Can avoid producing special effect processing of complex; Can avoid other processing program ( As paint) ; Compatible with special visual effects for the resin; In most application example, the customer of the existing process and equipment have to meet production requirements; The same manufacturing process and equipment adopt different membrane and resin can form all kinds of 'appearance'.
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